Posted on June 27, 2014




Yummy Anna Caroline loved being wrapped tight and all curled up.  The last 15 minutes of our session she decided to totally conk out and let me pose her on the bean bag which was an added bonus.  She is a doll and I loved meeting her  and her sweet family.

Here are some of my favorites.

Love, Wen.


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Posted on June 21, 2014



Sweet baby boy Anson has a head full of hair, gorgeous  dark features, and was a laid back little bub.  I used to teach with his grandmom so it was an added bonus to have her tag along with mom and help me.  Here are a few of my favorites from his session.


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Posted on June 5, 2014


Want to know a secret?  Other than newborn bookings, I have been COMPLETELY ignoring my calendar after July.  I just haven’t wanted to think about it but the last 2-3 weeks I have been getting more and more inquiries about fall sessions …….so I guess it’s time to start booking August-November.  My goal is to book less this fall and enjoy my family more so please don’t wait to book. I will also be offering  school bus back to school minis in July,  more info on that later.   I am booking newborns through November and getting inquiries non newborns through October (which are going to get on my calendar this week).  You can email me at for booking information. I hope to see some old and new faces :)

I can’t leave without some images so here is my sweet friend Maddux.

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Posted on May 1, 2014

NashvilleNewborn Photographer_1 NashvilleNewborn Photographer_2 NashvilleNewborn Photographer_3 NashvilleNewborn Photographer_4 NashvilleNewborn Photographer_5 NashvilleNewborn Photographer_6 NashvilleNewborn Photographer_8 NashvilleNewborn Photographer_9 NashvilleNewborn Photographer_12  NashvilleNewborn Photographer_14 NashvilleNewborn Photographer_15

Goodness I got the most beautiful birth announcement  in the mail yesterday featuring Miss. Elizabeth.  It was BEAUTIFUL!  I just sat and stared at it (and then remembered I haven’t blogged it yet-oops)!

Elizabeth was such a sweetheart for her session.  She barely made a peep.  Emily and Cody, thanks so much for sharing your sweet girl with me for a little while and I can’t wait to see how much she has grown in four months!

Love, Wendy

Posted on April 29, 2014

NashvilleNewbornPhotographer_1 NashvilleNewbornPhotographer_2 NashvilleNewbornPhotographer_3 NashvilleNewbornPhotographer_4 NashvilleNewbornPhotographer_5 NashvilleNewbornPhotographer_6 NashvilleNewbornPhotographer_7 NashvilleNewbornPhotographer_8 NashvilleNewbornPhotographer_9 NashvilleNewbornPhotographer_10 NashvilleNewbornPhotographer_11 NashvilleNewbornPhotographer_12

Sweet Malakai has the most gorgeous blonde hair,  the chubbiest rolls you’ve ever seen,  as well as being  one of the biggest boys I have ever photographed.  Here are a few from our session together. Thanks Jenny and Brody for letting me love your your sweet boy!


Posted on April 15, 2014

Nashville Newborn Photographer Nashville Newborn Photographer 1 Nashville Newborn Photographer 2 Nashville Newborn Photographer 4 Nashville Newborn Photographer 5 Nashville Newborn Photographer 6 Nashville Newborn Photographer 17 Nashville Newborn Photographer 18


I have been KNEE Deep posing my sweet newborns.  I had 6 born in two days with one born 3 days after that.  While I do find they are born in clusters, this was CRAZY!  One was two weeks late and three were early.  I try and do only 4 newborns a month for a reason-they are amazing,  but very tiring lol!

I am currently booking newborns through November and the best time to book a newborn session is the beginning for the 2nd trimester.  Please don’t wait to book a session as I turn down newborns almost monthly.

Here are a few of my favorites from sweet Case’s session-he was such a cuddle bug!



Posted on February 28, 2014


Nashville Newborn Photographer a  Nashville Newborn Photographer c Nashville Newborn Photographer d Nashville Newborn Photographer f Nashville Newborn Photographer g Nashville Newborn Photographer h

Here are a few images from sweet Turner’s newborn session.  I loved cuddling with his little sweet self.  Have a wonderful week-end!
Love, Wen.

Posted on February 24, 2014

Nashville Newborn Photographer 1 Nashville Newborn Photographer 2 Nashville Newborn Photographer 3 Nashville Newborn Photographer 4 Nashville Newborn Photographer 6 Nashville Newborn Photographer 7 Nashville Newborn Photographer 8 Nashville Newborn Photographer 9 Nashville Newborn Photographer 10 Nashville Newborn Photographer 11 Nashville Newborn Photographer 11I Nashville Newborn Photographer 12 Nashville Newborn Photographer 13 Nashville Newborn Photographer 14 Nashville Newborn Photographer 15 Nashville Newborn Photographer 16 Nashville Newborn Photographer 17

One of my 2014 goals is to challenge my photography skills.  Because EVERY newborn is different, posing a newborn is for sure a huge challenge but I also want to push myself in other areas and one way is shooting  more in home lifestyle sessions.  It all started by shooting my newborn niece in their home last year. I was pleasantly surprised how laid back and easy the session was and it was a refreshing change.  While posing is one of my favorites, this is a great option and something I want to push myself to try.

That leads me to baby Vivian:

I went to Tara and Ben’s home last week on an absolutely gorgeous sunny morning in Nashville.  Tara and I hung out for quiet a long time just chatting  while I snapped away. Tara especially loves her sweet fur babies and wanted to capture some of the pups with the baby and I am in LOVE with the images.  I can only imagine how much Vivi will love these images as she grows older.

Tara and Ben, thanks for inviting me in your home and letting me capture this sweet sweet time in your lives.  Vivi is perfect and you both are amazing parents~Congrats!


Posted on February 14, 2014

Nashville Newborn Photograper Image 1g Nashville Newborn Photograper Image 1f Nashville Newborn Photograper Image 1e Nashville Newborn Photograper Image 1d Nashville Newborn Photograper Image 1c Nashville Newborn Photograper Image 1b Nashville Newborn Photograper Image 1a Nashville Newborn Photograper Image 1  God has blessed me lately with so many beautiful newborns  to photograph during my slower season for family portraits.  I try to photograph 4 newborns a month but sometimes they overlap, like this month got example.  I am knee deep cuddling adorable babies and while it is an exhausting job it is a sweet spot in my day!  This sweet boy was a chunky little monkey with adorable cheeks and a laid back personality after his belly got full enough.  I hope you like his previews.  If you are interested in booking a newborn session with me I am booking through September and would love to talk to you.  Feel free to email me at loveandpics@yahoo.comLove, Wen.

Posted on February 10, 2014


We can’t believe we are already announcing our second date for MOMS CLICK NASHVILLE!!  We have been so overwhelmed with the response from our first MOMS CLICK that we decided to host another one during the Summer time.  But, before the seats go live and you set your phone reminder for 8 PM tonight to grab your spot I wanted to go over a few Q&A’s that I think will help you decide if THIS is the right workshop for you!

Are you a mom, aunt, grandma or sister with a DSLR and you keep that lovely dial on AUTO?  Do those other dials scare you a bit?  When people talk Aperture, Shutter and ISO do you turn away because you have no clue what those mean?  Are you just wanting to learn how to use that fancy camera to take better photos of your family?  If you answered YES to these then ding ding ding…you have reached your destination!

Do you have a DSLR and you understand what the other dials on your camera mean, specifically (M)anual?  You take perfectly exposed photos, but would like to learn editing?  You have big dreams on becoming a professional photographer one day?  If you answered YES to any of these then we recommend you find a workshop focused on those things.  We definitely want you to invest in the right one!

We look forward to announcing our Summer date tonight at 8 pm!  We are hopeful that this one sells out FAST like the first one….under 5 minutes, guys!  No JOKE.  10 seats available for amazing women who want to learn, grow and get to know others just like them.  We would love to have you join our CLICK.

$275.00 will be due withing 24 hours to hold your seat to the workshop.  It is NON-REFUNDABLE.  If an emergency should arise we will gladly transfer your retainer to a future Moms Click Nashville Workshop.  **Dater are TBD.


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