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Wendy Hardin Photography Specializes in Newborn Photography as well as Baby, Child, Family, Maternity, and High School Senior Custom Photography in the Nashville, Tennessee and surrounding areas of Hendersonville, Lebanon, Franklin, Brentwood, Hendersonville, Murfreesboro, and Mt. Juliet.


Lachlan || Newborn.


This baby girl was a dream.  With that beautiful head of hair, yummy cheeks, and being so sleepy, she was just icing on an already yummy cake!  Here are a few of my favorites from her session. I loved cuddling with her so much!




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There is something so sweet about watching a new momma and daddy with their first little one. Everyone is a little more gentle, blissful, and just drinking it all in.  Its such a sweet time for everyone.

MG was an amazing sleeper.  She was very laid back and had the best chunk. I loved getting to spend time with her when she came into my studio and look forward to watching her grow throughout her first year.



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Babies don’t keep.

Babies change more in the first year than they will the rest of their lives.  That is why it is really important to me to photograph newborn photography the first 12-14 days. They are so sleepy, curly, and new.  Its something I treasure being able to capture. It’s extra special when I get to photograph a family’s first baby.  Here is one I did this fall.  Such sweet and adoring parents and handsome little boy!


NashvilleNewbornPhotogapher NashvilleNewbornPhotogapher1 NashvilleNewbornPhotogapher3 NashvilleNewbornPhotogapher5 NashvilleNewbornPhotogapher6 NashvilleNewbornPhotogapher8 NashvilleNewbornPhotogapher10


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Hi Friends!

I often get asked if I shoot maternity sessions….YES!  I actually love shooting them!  Moms don’t always want me to share the sessions and I understand/respect that but I do love capturing that time in a new mom’s life and I do think it’s important to capture that special time!

Here is one maternity session I loved!  Autumn is such a beautiful mom! I met her daughter soon after this session and she is a beauty! I am honored I get to photograph her first year and can’t wait to see how she has changed!



NashvilleMaternityPhotographer12 NashvilleMaternityPhotographer11 NashvilleMaternityPhotographer10 NashvilleMaternityPhotographer9 NashvilleMaternityPhotographer5 NashvilleMaternityPhotographer3 NashvilleMaternityPhotographer2 NashvilleMaternityPhotographer1



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Sofronia || Newborn


Sometimes I come across a session on my desktop and remember what a beautiful session it was.  This is one of them.  Sofronia was a very chill baby.  At the beginning of the session she was awake but she was so laid back she let me pose her and never argued with me in the least.  She is a beautiful baby with gorgeous hair and chub in all the right places.  She looked pretty on whatever color I put her on.  I love her session and can’t wait to see this hair at her sitter session..

I hope you love these images as much as me.


Love, Wendy

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Sweet Hawkins!


I have had some of the cutest babies lately! I have had great intentions on sharing these sweet little faces but May has proven to be a crazy month full of wonderful shoots! I have 7 (gulp) newborns due in June as well as hosting a newborn workshop for Jaiden Photography .  It is going to be a month of sweet cuddles for me!

Here is one week old Hawkins.  He was the sweetest little thing for me with the best features.  I loved working with him.


NashvilleNewbornPhographer5 NashvilleNewbornPhotgrapher7 NashvilleNewbornPhotographer1 NashvilleNewbornPhotographer2 NashvilleNewbornPhotographer4 NashvilleNewbornPhotographer8 NashvilleNewbornPhotographer10 NashvilleNewbornPhotographer11 NashvilleNewbornPhotographer12 NashvilleNewbornPhotrapher3

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Sweet Nora. She had the sweetest little cheeks you have ever seen.

I have had some wonderfully sleepy babies lately.  We barely saw Nora’s eyes during the whole session.  She was very laid back and the sweetest little thing with her yummy little grunts.  I loved cuddling her.  Here are a few of my favorites from her session.

Shannon and Kayla thanks so much for letting me capture her as such a new age.  I am sure she’s grown and changed already and can’t wait to see her at her next session.




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If you follow me on any type of social media you know that I have recently moved studios. I plan on doing a blog post about this exciting move but not until the studio is totally done (we are almost there).  It has been a ton of work getting ready to photograph my clients in a place we will all love and feel comfortable.

Last week, I finally had my first session in the new space  with my sister in law as a trial run of sorts.

I was so lucky for this to be my first session, she’s so pretty and easy to photograph.

She and my brother are anxiously awaiting my nephew in early May.  We have  been trying to get outside and shoot the both of them together but with the weather we have had a hard time locking it down. Hopefully that will come soon.

Here are a few of my favorites of Chelsea in the beautiful light of my new studio.

I can’t wait to meet my new nephew soon.



NashvilleMaternity4 NashvilleMaternityPhotgrapher2 NashvilleMaternityPhotographer1


Posted on July 30, 2014


I meant to blog this session a month ago but time got away from me!

Kristen and James were a couple I absolutely loved working with!  We met on a gorgeous Friday afternoon and spent some time chatting about everything and anything.  The time was relaxed and went by so fast! I loved photographing this special time for them.  Here are a few of my favorites!


Nashville Maternity Photogapher-6 Nashville Maternity Photographer 1 Nashville Maternity Photographer 2 Nashville Maternity Photographer 4 Nashville Maternity Photographer 5 Nashville Maternity Photographer 6 Nashville Maternity Photographer 8 Nashville Maternity Photographer 9 Nashville Maternity Photographer



Posted on April 4, 2014


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I shot this maternity session a few weeks ago on a beautiful early spring afternoon.  I love how the images turned out and can’t wait to meet their sweet girl very soon! Here are a few of my faves!Wen~

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