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Anniston Joy  || Newborn


Goodness Anniston was so cute.  She was so sleepy, had the yummiest rolls, and the best cheeks.  Here are some of my favorites from her session.


nashvillenewbornphotograpehr15 nashvillenewbornphotographer2 nashvillenewbornphotographer3 nashvillenewbornphotographer4 nashvillenewbornphotographer5 nashvillenewbornphotographer6 nashvillenewbornphotographer7 nashvillenewbornphotographer8 nashvillenewbornphotographer10 nashvillenewbornphotographer11 nashvillenewbornphotographer12 nashvillenewbornphotographer13 nashvillenewbornphotographer14 NasvhilleNewbnornPhotographer1

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Belle || 5 Years Old

I love this session of Belle for a lot of reasons.  She’s five (such a milestone), she had  just woken up from a nap when we got to the session and I had to work extra hard to make her like me (who isn’t a little grouchy when you wake up from a nap), I love the movement of her dress, how she played without fear, and let’s not forget she’s just so cute! It was a beautiful session.

Here are some of my favorites.

WendyNashvilleChildrensPhotographer4 NashvilleChildrensPhotographer5 NashvilleChildrensPhotographer6 NashvilleChildrensPhotographer7 NashvilleChildrensPhotographer16 NasvhilleChildrensPhotograpehr10 NasvhilleChildrensPhotographer2 NasvhilleChildrensPhotographer3 NasvhilleChildrensPhotographer8 NasvhilleChildrensPhotographer9 NasvhilleChildrensPhotographer11 NasvhilleChildrensPhotographer12 NasvhilleChildrensPhotographer13 NasvhilleChildrensPhotographer14


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Mollie | 6 Days Old

Oh sweet Mollie! She was such a wonderful sleeper with beautiful hair and the cutest chubby cheeks you have ever seen.

She was my first newborn in my new studio and it could not have gone better. I feel so at home in the space and  the light is so gorgeous it makes me so happy!

I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from her session.

Brandi, your girls are amazing.  Thanks for trusting me and letting me capture this special time in your lives.

I hope you love them!


NashvilleNewbornPhotographer9NashvilleNewbornPhotographer9NashvilleNewbornPhotographer2  NashvilleNewbornPhotographer8 NashvilleNewbornPhotographer5   NashvilleNewbornPhotographer Nashville Newborn Photographer

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I can’t really not share this cutie pie!

This session was my first baby session in the studio and I am pretty sure my subject couldn’t have been any cuter.

Here are a few of my favorites from this sweet family.

Brittany, Nick, and Henry I hope you love your images and I can’t wait to see you all in a few months!


NashvilleFamilyPhotographer1 NashvilleFamilyPhotographer2 NashvilleFamilyPhotographer3 NashvilleFamilyPhotographer4



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This is a super sized blog.  I have been shooting this family for about 4 years now (I think). It is so much fun especially with the little ones growing and multiplying.

The icing on the cake is after the session I always get canned pickles and squash.  YUM!

Here are a few (ok, a lot) of my favorites from the session.



Nashvillefamilyphotographer_1 Nashvillefamilyphotographer 1

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“When is your next mini session”?  I wish I had a dollar for every time someone asked me this.  I would be rich!

What people don’t know when they ask me this is I offer a mini session package ALL YEAR!  It is half the session time, half the images, one outfit, and  some of my favorite sessions for families.

To answer some of your questions, here is some info on whether or not a mini session is good for you and your family:

Your little one(s) can sit unassisted.

You are perfectly fine with one outfit.

Your child/children aren’t overly hard to warm up to strangers.

Your child/children get “antsy” after about 30 minutes.

You don’t need a thousand pictures like the full session offers (really not a thousand but you know what I mean).

You don’t mind shooting in Wilson or Davidson counties.

Does a mini session sound like you? If so, email me for mini session information at

Here is a recent mini session I shot that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED! These little boys are so adorable, we had the best time, and mom was over the moon with her images (she told me so, which is always SO NICE to hear)!

Here ya go Friends!


NashvilleFamilyPhotographer2 NashvilleFamilyPhotographer1. NashvilleFamilyPhotographer4 NashvilleFamilyPhotographer3



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I’m back!  I wanted to feature a session that I consider a “front porch” session of sorts.

A lot of times clients put too much pressure on themselves trying to pick the perfect setting for a session (not to mention matching everyone). It’s  EXHAUSTING, I know!

I always tell my clients (jokingly) I would shoot them on the side of the road (maybe I have done this).  I am really more about the connection with their family than the background.

Don’t get me wrong, a golden field with sunset light is my absolute favorite (for me). I personally love winter colors (or lack of) more than spring flowers and the overly green (gasp).

Everyone is different and that’s ok! Your session should be based on your style and what you and  your family is comfortable with. If you aren’t sure of your style, no problem.

We will figure it out!

That gets me to my next session I want to share.


My sweet friend Vivi has had all of her first year sessions at her home on the front steps and in her room (which lucky for her has beautiful light). I love every session I do of her.

Vivi is very relaxed and  happy during her session.  I can’t help but think that one day sweet Viv will look back so fondly at the images of her in her home.  It makes me happy. These image will last her a lifetime!

Tomorrow I am going to talk about mini sessions.

Until next time.  here are a few of my favorites from Viv’s last session with her parents and pups.


NashvilleFamilyPhotographer1 nashvillefamilyphotographer2




Posted on February 26, 2014

Nashville Family Photographer 8 Nashville Family Photographer 2 Nashville Family Photographer 3Nashville Family Photographer 4 Nashville Family Photographer 5 Nashville Family Photographer 6 Nashville Family Photographer 9 Nashville Family Photographer 10 Nashville Family Photographer Nashville Family Photographer 12 Nashville Family Photographer 15


I love this family.  This momma contacted me early on in her pregnancy and said I want YOU to photograph my baby and she has always shown me time and again she is willing to make it work.  Whether it’s the over an hour drive with a babe in the car, being in Nashville before 8:00 because I would like to attend a field trip with my oldest,  or rescheduling due to weather; she always makes it a point to make it work.  I love that my clients are willing to make it work for me-that’s the biggest compliment!

Thanks Christina, you know I love y’all! I hope you like your small preview!


Posted on February 24, 2014

Nashville Newborn Photographer 1 Nashville Newborn Photographer 2 Nashville Newborn Photographer 3 Nashville Newborn Photographer 4 Nashville Newborn Photographer 6 Nashville Newborn Photographer 7 Nashville Newborn Photographer 8 Nashville Newborn Photographer 9 Nashville Newborn Photographer 10 Nashville Newborn Photographer 11 Nashville Newborn Photographer 11I Nashville Newborn Photographer 12 Nashville Newborn Photographer 13 Nashville Newborn Photographer 14 Nashville Newborn Photographer 15 Nashville Newborn Photographer 16 Nashville Newborn Photographer 17

One of my 2014 goals is to challenge my photography skills.  Because EVERY newborn is different, posing a newborn is for sure a huge challenge but I also want to push myself in other areas and one way is shooting  more in home lifestyle sessions.  It all started by shooting my newborn niece in their home last year. I was pleasantly surprised how laid back and easy the session was and it was a refreshing change.  While posing is one of my favorites, this is a great option and something I want to push myself to try.

That leads me to baby Vivian:

I went to Tara and Ben’s home last week on an absolutely gorgeous sunny morning in Nashville.  Tara and I hung out for quiet a long time just chatting  while I snapped away. Tara especially loves her sweet fur babies and wanted to capture some of the pups with the baby and I am in LOVE with the images.  I can only imagine how much Vivi will love these images as she grows older.

Tara and Ben, thanks for inviting me in your home and letting me capture this sweet sweet time in your lives.  Vivi is perfect and you both are amazing parents~Congrats!


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