Posted on February 26, 2014

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I love this family.  This momma contacted me early on in her pregnancy and said I want YOU to photograph my baby and she has always shown me time and again she is willing to make it work.  Whether it’s the over an hour drive with a babe in the car, being in Nashville before 8:00 because I would like to attend a field trip with my oldest,  or rescheduling due to weather; she always makes it a point to make it work.  I love that my clients are willing to make it work for me-that’s the biggest compliment!

Thanks Christina, you know I love y’all! I hope you like your small preview!


Posted on February 24, 2014

Nashville Newborn Photographer 1 Nashville Newborn Photographer 2 Nashville Newborn Photographer 3 Nashville Newborn Photographer 4 Nashville Newborn Photographer 6 Nashville Newborn Photographer 7 Nashville Newborn Photographer 8 Nashville Newborn Photographer 9 Nashville Newborn Photographer 10 Nashville Newborn Photographer 11 Nashville Newborn Photographer 11I Nashville Newborn Photographer 12 Nashville Newborn Photographer 13 Nashville Newborn Photographer 14 Nashville Newborn Photographer 15 Nashville Newborn Photographer 16 Nashville Newborn Photographer 17

One of my 2014 goals is to challenge my photography skills.  Because EVERY newborn is different, posing a newborn is for sure a huge challenge but I also want to push myself in other areas and one way is shooting  more in home lifestyle sessions.  It all started by shooting my newborn niece in their home last year. I was pleasantly surprised how laid back and easy the session was and it was a refreshing change.  While posing is one of my favorites, this is a great option and something I want to push myself to try.

That leads me to baby Vivian:

I went to Tara and Ben’s home last week on an absolutely gorgeous sunny morning in Nashville.  Tara and I hung out for quiet a long time just chatting  while I snapped away. Tara especially loves her sweet fur babies and wanted to capture some of the pups with the baby and I am in LOVE with the images.  I can only imagine how much Vivi will love these images as she grows older.

Tara and Ben, thanks for inviting me in your home and letting me capture this sweet sweet time in your lives.  Vivi is perfect and you both are amazing parents~Congrats!


Posted on January 30, 2014





Molly and I were college roommates.  There are so many good (and not so good moments) we have shared that we could write a book about all the experiences.  One life changing experiences that happened while Molly and I lived together was we lost our amazingly funny, kind, and oh so young friend Misty to cancer when we were 22.  It is a miracle we are still friends because that was the HARDEST time of my life up to that point (and I am sure Molly would say the same). Our friendship has for sure had its ups and downs but luckily we stuck it through and I’m thankful for that!

Molly and I don’t live in the same city but we try to get together whenever we can. When she asked me to photograph her and the boys I was so excited!  Photographing her boys was pretty much like photographing mine…….lots of wrestling!  Its really fantastic to see her with them and I really enjoyed our short little session.  They are adorable!

Molly~Thanks so for letting me capture you and the boys.  I am thankful for our little journey we have traveled.

Love, Wen.

*Thought I would share a picture of us from college first.  Misty is first, then Molly, me, and our friend Kelly.  We were SAE little sisters and this was for their 70s party.  We always went big wherever we went!





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