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The Boze Family || Middle Tennessee Family


It’s no secret this family is one of my favorites to shoot.  They are easy going, always look amazing,  and very happy people! That’s something I can get behind.  This session was a race against the sky.  We shot until the rain started falling, and that was just enough for us! I love that I was able to shoot them on their farm as well.  It makes it even more special.  Here is a peak into their adorable session!




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Oh how I love this family! I have been photographing little miss since she was a newborn and now she is in kindergarten!  She has more personality in her pinky than I have in my whole body! She always welcomes me with a big smile, hug, and lots of silly stories.

Since I have been photographing this family for years we are alway looking for new and fun places to shoot.  12th avenue south is where we chose for this session and it was a hit! This area of Nashville has great wall murals, lots of pretty architecture, and cupcakes (the most important part)!


Here are few of my favorites from her Nashville session! Thanks for always making me laugh Ansley!

NashvilleFamilyPhotgrpaher13 NashvilleFamilyPhotgrpaher12 NashvilleFamilyPhotgrpaher10 NashvilleFamilyPhotgrpaher9 NashvilleFamilyPhotgrpaher7 NashvilleFamilyPhotgrpaher6 NashvilleFamilyPhotgrpaher5 NashvilleFamilyPhotgrpaher3 NashvilleFamilyPhotgrpaher2 NashvilleFamilyPhotgrpaher1


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The sweetest sisters:

Nasvhille Newborn Photographer5 new-1-47 Nasvhille Newborn Photographer2 Nasvhille Newborn Photographer1 Nasvhille Newborn Photographer nashvilleNewbornPhotographer2 NashvilleNewbornone


Posted on January 18, 2017



Oh my sweet blog. It’s that time of year when I have a little bit of extra time to update the blog with recent images.



It’s no secret this is a neglected space since I haven’t blogged in almost a year (that’s pathetic on my part). Blogging is time consuming for me  but 2016 was a wonderful year with wonderful sessions so it’s important I put that out there for potential clients to see.

I don’t consider myself great with words so I have decided I will just share a few things I remember from each session I blog.


Hazel || Newborn

*I love her name.

* She had the mot gorgeous creamy skin.

* Here hair was a beautiful strawberry blonde with the perfect swirl in the front.

* She was very sleepy like her older sister was for her newborn session.

* She gave me a few smiles, which is always icing on the cake.

*I will be shooting her first year and can’t wait to see how she has grown at her sitter session.

Until Next Time (hopefully not a year)





NashvilleNewbornPhotographer2NashvilleNewbornphotographer3NashvilleNewbornPhotographer4NashvilleNewbornPhotographer5 NashvilleNewbornPhotographer8 NashvilleNewbornPhotographer10 NashvilleNewbornPhotographer13 NashvilleNewbornPhotorapher11



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Belle || 5 Years Old

I love this session of Belle for a lot of reasons.  She’s five (such a milestone), she had  just woken up from a nap when we got to the session and I had to work extra hard to make her like me (who isn’t a little grouchy when you wake up from a nap), I love the movement of her dress, how she played without fear, and let’s not forget she’s just so cute! It was a beautiful session.

Here are some of my favorites.

WendyNashvilleChildrensPhotographer4 NashvilleChildrensPhotographer5 NashvilleChildrensPhotographer6 NashvilleChildrensPhotographer7 NashvilleChildrensPhotographer16 NasvhilleChildrensPhotograpehr10 NasvhilleChildrensPhotographer2 NasvhilleChildrensPhotographer3 NasvhilleChildrensPhotographer8 NasvhilleChildrensPhotographer9 NasvhilleChildrensPhotographer11 NasvhilleChildrensPhotographer12 NasvhilleChildrensPhotographer13 NasvhilleChildrensPhotographer14


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I can’t really not share this cutie pie!

This session was my first baby session in the studio and I am pretty sure my subject couldn’t have been any cuter.

Here are a few of my favorites from this sweet family.

Brittany, Nick, and Henry I hope you love your images and I can’t wait to see you all in a few months!


NashvilleFamilyPhotographer1 NashvilleFamilyPhotographer2 NashvilleFamilyPhotographer3 NashvilleFamilyPhotographer4



Posted on May 28, 2014


The Pine Family | Nashville, Tn

These images are the butter to my bread I tell ya!  I love them SO MUCH!  Joy, David,  and the girls are so much fun to photograph!   The girls showed up with no shoes on, stuffed animals in hand,  and BIG HAPPY SMILES.  Mom and dad showed up with laid back attitudes and that is where the magic starts! We played, sang, danced, and giggled the whole session.  What I love so much about this session is how Joy really lets her girls be themselves.  Dirty feet are ok, crazy hair is ok, and even a favorite dirty/holey dress is ok too-because that is who they are right now and I know Joy doesn’t want to forget that!!!  I would say this type of  family session is when I am most comfortable and really seem to enjoy photography the most.  I can be silly and just enjoy documenting the time the family is together.  I hope you see that in these images.

Joy, what your family gave me that afternoon…. I can’t thank you enough!  Your family is amazing and I love you all!




NashvilleChildPhotographer1a NashvilleChildPhotographer1b NashvilleChildPhotographer1bm NashvilleChildPhotographer1c NashvilleChildPhotographer1l NashvilleChildPhotographer1p NashvilleChildPhotographer1x NashvilleChildPhotographer18 NashvilleChildPhotographer100 NashvilleChildPhotographer109 NashvilleChildPhotographer1000NashvilleChildPhotographer1m NashvilleChildPhotographer1r NashvilleChildPhotographer1v NashvilleChildPhotographer10 NashvilleChildPhotographer11 NashvilleChildPhotographer12 NashvilleChildPhotographer13  NashvilleChildPhotographer15 NashvilleChildPhotographer16 NashvilleChildPhotographer17 NashvilleChildPhotographer19

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Molly and I were college roommates.  There are so many good (and not so good moments) we have shared that we could write a book about all the experiences.  One life changing experiences that happened while Molly and I lived together was we lost our amazingly funny, kind, and oh so young friend Misty to cancer when we were 22.  It is a miracle we are still friends because that was the HARDEST time of my life up to that point (and I am sure Molly would say the same). Our friendship has for sure had its ups and downs but luckily we stuck it through and I’m thankful for that!

Molly and I don’t live in the same city but we try to get together whenever we can. When she asked me to photograph her and the boys I was so excited!  Photographing her boys was pretty much like photographing mine…….lots of wrestling!  Its really fantastic to see her with them and I really enjoyed our short little session.  They are adorable!

Molly~Thanks so for letting me capture you and the boys.  I am thankful for our little journey we have traveled.

Love, Wen.

*Thought I would share a picture of us from college first.  Misty is first, then Molly, me, and our friend Kelly.  We were SAE little sisters and this was for their 70s party.  We always went big wherever we went!





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