If there is something that rings true about me, its that I love Nashville.  My parents have always said I loved it from a very small age. I was always mesmerized by the bright lights, bustle, and all the people.  I grew up in the country and while I miss it, I always knew I wanted to be closer to Nashville.  It’s a pretty special place to me.


One type of session I really love shooting is across from downtown Nashville in Cumberland Park.  The light hits so perfectly, you can still hear the country music and all the noise but it isn’t busy at all, and concrete is a beautiful reflector. The park is also so pretty with lots of greenery for a quick change of scenery.  I am always giddy when people ask me to shoot downtown.

Here is one of my recent shoots.  We started off a bit wobbly.  Viv got a thorn in her finger and we didn’t have the supplies to get it out but we made it work.  I love that Tara (mom) isn’t too stuffy and really lets things go with the flow.  One of her favorite images was from the beginning when one kid was crying, one wasn’t paying attention, and she has the best smile.  It’s life and I love that she loved this pic.

Here are a few of my favorites.  It was a big gallery!



Wendy Hardin Photography Specializes in Newborn Photography as well as Baby, Child, Family, Maternity, and High School Senior Custom Photography in the Nashville, Tennessee and surrounding areas of Hendersonville, Lebanon, Franklin, Brentwood, Hendersonville, Murfreesboro, and Mt. Juliet.


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