Ireland || Newborn


Sweet Ireland was a sleepy little one.

Here are some of my favorite images from her session.  I want to thank her mom and dad for trusting me with this special time. I hope you all loved your images!



Mt.JulietNewbornPhotographer1 Mt.JulietNewbornPhotographer2 NashvilleNewbornPhotographer4 NashvilleNewbornPhotographer6 NashvilleNewbornPhotographer7 NashvilleNewbornPhotographer9 NashvilleNewbornPhotographer10 NashvilleNewbornPhotographer14 NashvilleNewbornPhotographer16 NashvilleNewbornPhotographer17 NashvilleNewbornPhotographer20 NashvilleNewbornPhotographera NasvhilleNewbornPhotographer3 NasvhilleNewbornPhotographer99

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