I am often amazed at how the perfect sessions always seems to come at just the right time for me.

Winter can be so hard on photographers.  While I have a studio and use it during the colder months, my favorite is always being outside shooting. I love the freedom of moving and exploring with little ones.

Winter light is  also something I love! I love the browns and the textures that winter  brings.  Every time I shoot during winter months, its a favorite of mine!


Avery || One Year

Let me start by saying I love the dynamic of this family.  Daddy is a pilot and isn’t always in town for our sessions.

We booked this session a little bit ago and everything looked like it was going to fall into place! Guess what: last minute Dad didn’t get his flight home.  You know what he did?

He rented a car and drove home late at night so he could be in the pictures! WOW! It’s important to us mommas to have daddy in the pictures so this daddy did a wonderful thing for his wife whether he realizes it or not.

I have said it once and I will say it again, daddies can really set the tone of a session, for better or worse. This daddy set it for the better by making it a priority.

Avery is a super laid back girl who enjoyed her time outside.  My friend Sara Rose and I talked Monday about how happy our winter session babies are.  We believe its because they’ve been cooped up inside so being outside is refreshing! Cabin fever makes for some happy outside babes!

Here is a peak into our session together.

Lisa, John, and Avery thanks for giving me such a gift of an awesome session.  I hope you love your little sneak peak.

Love, Wendy



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