Happy New Year!

I have enjoyed some wonderful holiday time with my family and friends and I hope you have too!

It’s that time of year when I work on my blog to showcase some of my sessions  that I just didn’t have time to showcase during the busy fall season.

I learned a long time ago my blog takes a back seat to juggling my shoots, editing, and my family so I love when I have some time to update it.

My first session I am sharing is Harper and her “Fresh Session”.

Fresh sessions are becoming increasingly popular in the photography world.  The session is done at the hospital the first 48 hours after birth to capture your first moments together.

It’s a wonderful time to capture the sweet new life of your little one! Fresh sessions need to be put on my calendar while you are pregnant.

If you are interested in booking a fresh session or any other session email me at loveandpics@yahoo.com

Here are some of my favorite from Harper’s Fresh Session!









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