Posted on May 28, 2014


The Pine Family | Nashville, Tn

These images are the butter to my bread I tell ya!  I love them SO MUCH!  Joy, David,  and the girls are so much fun to photograph!   The girls showed up with no shoes on, stuffed animals in hand,  and BIG HAPPY SMILES.  Mom and dad showed up with laid back attitudes and that is where the magic starts! We played, sang, danced, and giggled the whole session.  What I love so much about this session is how Joy really lets her girls be themselves.  Dirty feet are ok, crazy hair is ok, and even a favorite dirty/holey dress is ok too-because that is who they are right now and I know Joy doesn’t want to forget that!!!  I would say this type of  family session is when I am most comfortable and really seem to enjoy photography the most.  I can be silly and just enjoy documenting the time the family is together.  I hope you see that in these images.

Joy, what your family gave me that afternoon…. I can’t thank you enough!  Your family is amazing and I love you all!




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Posted on May 1, 2014

NashvilleNewborn Photographer_1 NashvilleNewborn Photographer_2 NashvilleNewborn Photographer_3 NashvilleNewborn Photographer_4 NashvilleNewborn Photographer_5 NashvilleNewborn Photographer_6 NashvilleNewborn Photographer_8 NashvilleNewborn Photographer_9 NashvilleNewborn Photographer_12  NashvilleNewborn Photographer_14 NashvilleNewborn Photographer_15

Goodness I got the most beautiful birth announcement  in the mail yesterday featuring Miss. Elizabeth.  It was BEAUTIFUL!  I just sat and stared at it (and then remembered I haven’t blogged it yet-oops)!

Elizabeth was such a sweetheart for her session.  She barely made a peep.  Emily and Cody, thanks so much for sharing your sweet girl with me for a little while and I can’t wait to see how much she has grown in four months!

Love, Wendy

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