Posted on December 30, 2013



I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  This is the time of year I can catch up on  my blogging (because I am so terrible at it the other parts of the year).  My fall was just insane and the blog always takes a back burner to the other things going on.  I love this time of year where things slow down a little and I have some down time to refresh myself before spring comes along. I have plans to blog, update my website, and other business stuff that just gets left out.  You can call it housekeeping I guess (which I also hate lol)!

Booking Updates

I am currently booking child, family, and senior sessions  through April and booking newborns into August.   I am really excited for 2014  and can’t wait to work with some really wonderful people. I always think of my clients as friends and family, it’s my favorite part of the job.

As always, if you would like to book a session with me you can email me at

Now on to this little peanut.


Oh was she sweet.  She had a really laid back personality with gorgeous lips and the cutest rolls.  I loved cuddling with her so much.  Here are a few of my favorites from her session.

Next up on the blog is my sister’s birth-I just don’t know how I am going to narrow the 120 images down, I love them all!
Love, Wen.

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Posted on December 2, 2013



Good Morning!

Sara & I are so excited about hosting our 1st ever  ”MOMS CLICK” workshop on February 1, 2014!!  The response has been a bit overwhelming to say the least! Before 8 pm hits tonight we wanted to cover a few things to hopefully help you in making your decision and also to encourage you to set your alarm on your phone.  If this weekends emails are any indication of how fast the seats will go…well…  just a heads up!
SEATS will go on sale TONIGHT (Monday, Dec 2nd) at 8 PM.  not a minute sooner.
You will book your seat to the workshop by emailing SARA.  You can email her through her website at or at her email, (don’t forget the E).
She will start to collect emails by time stamp so it will go first come first serve.  The first T E N will receive invoices shortly after that will need to be paid within 24 hours.  All unpaid invoices will be cancelled and sent to the next in line.
What if more than 10 want to book?  We are staying with 10 so the workshop stays pretty intimate.  However, there are plans already in the works to host another during the summer.
What kind of camera do we need?  This workshop will be focused on those who own DSLR’s.  Sara will even teach those with iphones a few pointers, but that will be about 10 minutes of the workshop.
Is this workshop for beginners only?  This workshop is for beginners and those with intermediate skills.  We will cover all the basics from turning camera on, what settings mean to composition and lighting.
Is the $250 retainer to hold our seat non-refundable?  Yes.  Absolutely if some unforeseen circumstances arise then we will transfer your retainer to a future “MOMS CLICK” workshop.
** What if we are wanting to take our photography to a professional level?  This workshop is not for you.  We would be more than happy to direct you to those who do offer those types of workshops.
I believe that is it!  If you still have ANY questions I encourage you to email one of us this morning.
Happy Monday, friends!!


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