Posted on September 6, 2013



Kaylee | MJHS 2014


Don’t you just love when you feel old?  This gorgeous girl went to the elementary school I taught at, and now she’s a senior-GAH!!

Kaylee is one of those talented girls that can do it all!  She is incredibly smart.  She has already been accepted to Ashland University with an 11,000 dollar annual Scholarship (WOW).  She wants to go into fashion merchandising (as she should).  She’s a dancer and such a hard worker.  She’s exactly the type of girl I hope my boys fall for one day.  Unique, kind, hard working, and funny!  Our session was downtown Nashville on a gorgeous, not too hot afternoon.  We stopped at the candy store and stuffed ourselves with taffy, explored different areas, and even got to hear a little live music at Live On The Green.  This setting was PERFECT for her.

Kaylee~I had so much fun meeting you and your family.  I truly loved hanging out with you all and I am so glad you love your pictures.  You are going to conquer the world sister!

Love, Wendy

Here are a few of my favorites!

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