Posted on May 3, 2013




Happy Friday!  Tomorrow is looking like a carbon copy of last week-end.  I have a maternity session scheduled with people that live out of town and it looks like rain ughhhh….  I am trying to be positive though so fingers crossed I get to see my college friends, the Esteps!!!


Brady is one~

Sweet Brady and I met early one morning in April (one of those crazy days I had 3 sessions and 2 soccer games).  He has the most gorgeous hair and eye lashes I have ever seen and the cutest little teefers too!  Here are some of my favorites from his session.

Susan, I enjoyed meeting you all and chatting about all the same people we know from my small hometown lol!  Brady is adorable!

Love, Wen.


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Posted on May 1, 2013





Annie booked me a while ago for  a week-end she and Ryan would be in Tennessee.  Ryan is from my hometown and Annie is from Georgia.  They live in Atlanta now so planning was key for the session.  Wouldn’t you know it the date of our session came around and it rained cats and dogs all day long.  We decided to try the next morning before they made their way back home and as luck would have it we had great weather for the session.  It was really muddy and gloomy out but it was great shooting weather none the less.  Annie and Ryan will be having a baby boy soon and I just know they will be terrific parents, here is a preview from our early morning session.

Annie, thanks for asking me to do your pictures and good luck to you and Ryan~I am sure baby White will be adorable and you will be wonderful parents!


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