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Amy and her family traveled from Savannah Tn (West Tn) to have her pictures made where her grandmother lived when she was a child.  Amy is from my hometown and is a great friend of my sister’s.  She planned the pictures around the time she knew they would be visiting months ago.  This land is just a few miles from where I grew up.  Being a farm girl, the older I get the more I appreciate the hills of Defeated and Difficult.  I can remember thinking as a teen “ugh….there’s just HILLS everywhere” but now I think “man those are some beautiful hills”.  Time changes you and going back to this land where I grew up is so special which I am sure is why it was so important to Amy too.

Amy’s family brought their game faces for pictures.  Both kids were perfect and while daddy’s aren’t always thrilled about pictures-this daddy was!!!  He was calm, kind to his kids/wife, and really added an extra something special to the session.  When I told him what a great job he did, he said Amy doesn’t ask for pictures much and he knows its important to her so you gotta suck it up!  That’s a good husband right there folks!  Sometimes, you have to mentally prepare for pictures.  Just relax, go with the flow, and be happy in the moment.  Pictures might not be your most favorite thing to do but I am SURE being with your family ranks at the top so just approach it that way and I promise they will turn our great (just like this session did).

Amy, it was so great to see you!  Your family is adorable and I really loved spending time getting to know them.  I hope you love your pictures as much as I loved taking them!


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My grandmother (Bubbuba—yes, you read that right B-U-B-B-U-B-A) has always said that her grandchildren and great-grandchildren are “blue ribbon winners”…..this has always made me laugh and something I will never forget.  She says they were all such pretty babies that they would ALL win in the local fair beauty contest.  Several of us “might” have won when we were younger and I am not “too” embarrassed to tell you I entered Maddox in the Wilson County fair when he was 2, and he did win lol!  I did it for her (because she wouldn’t stop saying how “purty” he was) but NEVER—-EVER — will I do that again.  About half way through the contest I started experiencing major mom anxiety.  Even after he won, I felt terrible that I had someone judge my sweet baby-I knew how cute he was; I didn’t need judges telling me that.  When I called my Bubbuba to tell her  he won, she said “Honey, you didn’t even need to call me–I already knew he’d win”.  It made her day!  Maddox keeps that trophy on his dresser in his room.  I am not even lying-it’s a baby laying on its tummy–its AWESOME lol!!!

I am not just rambling about the fair and beauty contests, I do have a point.  Sometimes I will see kids and find myself saying that very thing my grandmother has said a million times.  These 2 girls that I photographed are blue ribbon winners.  Beautiful, sweet, and funny to boot.  They were a joy to work with and I was struck by their beautiful features and flawless skin.  Just beautiful.

Amanda~I loved meeting you all and I hope you don’t care that I compared your girls to blue ribbon winners HAHAHA……they were both so pretty and sweet I couldn’t help but think about my Bubbuba saying that.  I hope you love your preview :)

Love, Wendy

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This sweet little muffin is almost one.  His home is right down from my grandparent’s home so I am very familiar with the surrounding beauty (and there is a bunch of it).

I am in LOVE with this session. Van Dallas is a laid back kid and his parents don’t pressure him during sessions; they always just let him be who he is and are just relaxed in front of the camera.  No pressure and stress ALWAYS makes the best sessions–every time!  Momma’s remember this tip—if you come to a session stressed, your kids will stressed too.


Van Dallas~happy birthday to you sweet boy.  You are incredibly smart, funny, sweet, and I loved shooting these pictures for your mommy and daddy.  Lindsay-thanks so much for having me over.  I loved our afternoon together!! You all are the cutest family and I hope you loved these pictures as much as I loved taking them!

Love, Wen.

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I am coming up on a super busy few days:  2 newborns, 2 one year sessions,  a sibling session, and a family session.  Spring has definitely sprung! I am editing some gorgeous sessions lately-beautiful families and I love seeing so many fantastic people! This family  I LOVE! They were one of my first clients.  The first time I did their pictures was 2009—WHAT?!  That is crazy to me and proof that time does fly.

Chasity  makes a point to have her girl’s pictures made once or twice a year.  She says people sometimes poke fun at her for doing it so much but I love that pictures are a priority to her (they are to me too)!  I make a point to photograph my boys all the time (big camera and iphone)  and I also book a family session once a year with me in front of the camera with them.  Its important to me and one day will be to my kids too. 9 out of 10 times I feel too fat, not cute enough, and just not into it but I know my boys could care less what I look like-as long as I am in them.  I can guarantee you will never  hear me say in 20-30 years “I wish I didn’t have so many pictures of the boys when they were little”….

Chasity I love your family and am so thankful for you being such a cheerleader to me.  In the age of the photographer on every street, your loyalty and trust means so much.

Love, Wendy

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The weather looks fantastic for the week-end!  I can’t wait to get out and shoot some of my favorite girls and I hope you all get to enjoyed the beautiful weather too.

This family I shot last Saturday  at Clover Bottom Mansion in Donelson (one of my very favorite places to shoot)!    I photographed Layla when she was a newborn and now she is 6 months old.  She has two older gorgeous sisters and I so enjoyed meeting all of them.  I titled this blog “Kissing Layla” because I had so many pictures of everyone loving on sweet Layla.  It’s obvious how much they all adore Layla (the 2 older girls constantly fought over who was going to hold her) and I can understand why.  She is the cutest little chunky monkey ever! This session was overloaded with great images-here are a few I love.

Amy!!! It was so great to see you an Layla again and I loved meeting your husband and 2 GORGEOUS girls.  Ya’ll were a breeze to work with and I enjoyed it so much!

I hope you love the pictures as much as I loved taking them!

Love, Wendy


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Good Morning!  Its my favorite day of the week….minus the fact I file my taxes today (BOOOOO).  Anyone who owns their own business can relate with this crappy task.  It is the only part of my business I hate—–HATE!  It’s no fun, but I will be glad to be done with it.  Moving on and will worry about it in 4 months!


If you are thinking you want to book a session with me for this summer (or have mentioned it to me and we haven’t set a specific date), lets get it booked.  I am working with limited dates through July.  It’s going to be an awesome summer with new and old friends, lots of babies, birthdays, and growing little ones!  I am looking forward to seeing you all! You can email me at to get on the calendar.


~Francis Family~

Let me tell you last Saturday was a great day for pictures for me!  I met with 2 adorable families. This family was one of them.  They are new to me and we hit it off immediately.  4 kids and 2 dogs makes for an exciting session but they all did fantastic.  The Francis family was easy going, loving, and happy people. They made my job easy peasy and I loved working with them.
Check out some of my favorites of this really cute family!

Andrea~thanks so much for trusting me with your pictures!  I am so glad you contacted me and we could make it work. I know you all are super busy but I love you took the time to take some family pictures with me.  I hope you love them as much as I loved taking them!

Love, Wendy

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Today is  World Autism Awareness Day.   I have been very blessed to work with some seriously amazing children that have been diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum, several having had in my own class.  I have seen heart break in the parents eyes, elation when progress has been made, and daily struggles I can’t even begin to understand. I have worked with children that are severely autistic and some that are barely on the spectrum.   One thing I have learned is it is a diagnosis that can happen to ANYONE—people— I mean ANYONE!  Rich, poor, educated, uneducated, boys, girls, older siblings, younger siblings:  Autism does not discriminate.  I also know that early intervention is KEY and these children can live perfectly normal lives.


If you would like to learn more about autism you can go to and read all about it.


Noah And Wyatt~

I emailed Ginger (these boy’s mom) and asked her if I could share a picture she put on facebook of Noah (that I had taken of him) that had the autism logo around and on it.    She told me I had made her day and  she would love me too!  I photographed Noah and Wyatt last fall but I didn’t get to share the pictures because they were a surprise Christmas gift. Noah and Wyatt were so well behaved, silly, bright, and comfortable in front of the camera!  Noah is on the autism spectrum and if I hadn’t known prior to our shoot, I would have never imagined it. The great thing is, Ginger said Noah has come a long way and she’s so fortunate that he had the intervention he needed as a toddler.  That’s why autism awareness is so important-early diagnosis is key!

I love being Ginger’s facebook friend.  She has a very dry personality (like me) and she can be very funny and honest about their day to day lives.  I  love reading about her struggles and triumphs being a mom to (now 3) boys. She is a mom hero for sure!

Here are some pictures of the boys back in fall.

Ginger, thanks again for letting me take the boys pictures and for letting me a little bit of  your story.  Its so important to understand that autism affects many families and you can still live a very normal (and  sometimes crazy lol) life like the rest of us.   Your boys are adorable and I am glad I got to spend some time with them.



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Good Morning!  I hope everyone is doing well!

The Arfsten Family is my sister’s husband’s family.  Let me start by saying big  extended family sessions aren’t normally my thing LOL. Its’ usually very stressful to take that many people’s pictures and its a lot of work for me!!!  I have turned several extended families down in the past and usually don’t book them but since Nick is my brother in law and it wasn’t too huge of a group I made an exception haha!  If you want to book a big extended family session I will be glad to guide you to a great photographer , then you  can come see me when you want a small family session where we can cuddle, laugh, and play-NO STRESS!

Even though I said extended family pictures are sometimes stressful, the Arfsten’s were GREAT!!  They made it  very easy-there was no arguing or grouchy people;  just laughs and easy going  banter (if you know Nick, he is WAY laid back so I expect this from his family).  Nick and Sara (Nick’s sister) gave their mom a session for Christmas so after my niece Bella’s birthday party we went to TTU campus  and had a quick session.  I love how the pictures turned out and I am so glad Nancy will have them to add to her collection.


Thanks Arfstens for making it easy on me–ya’ll were great!

Love, Wendy

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