Good Morning! I am on a blogging roll these days because I have so many wonderful sessions that have happened lately.  I am getting more and more feedback from my clients that they love their family on my blog so they can share it with their loved ones.  In my super busy days its hard to blog everyone because it takes a while to put together but I am making more of an effort, I promise!

Ok, Harrison:  Let me just say this boy is a miracle.  If you have followed the Chalos Adoption Story you know what an AMAZING journey they have been on.  3 Kids in a small amount of time can be kind of crazy but Chad and Kristle are doing an amazing job and we had a really relaxing morning in the studio last week.  Harrison was a great model for me and so was his brother and sister.  If you want to read about this pretty awesome journey here is the link to their blog

Kristle and Chad, what can I say?  A year ago I couldn’t have imagined taking pictures of your 3 beautiful children.  You all are blessed and I am so glad I have been able to follow your journey.  I hope you like your previews.

Love, Wendy

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Sweet Kab loved my cowboy boots and had to try them on….which I in turn had to snap a picture.  What a cutie pie!

Have a great day friends!




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