Posted on December 23, 2012



Hi Ya’ll

I always love taking this family’s pictures!  They always pick  a place that is near and dear to them and its always beautiful!  Jennifer is  also always great at coordinating the clothes. When clients ask me for clothes suggestions I tell them go bold in color, it doesn’t have to match perfectly (please don’t all show up in all white button ups and jeans–no family dresses like this on a regular basis) and layers look great.  It never fails it always looks sooo good and Jennifer is great at it!  I love that they look so comfortable yet stylish (if my calves weren’t so big I would totally steal Jenn’s boots)!!

Here are some of my favorite of the Summers Family.

Thanks Jenn for always trusting me with your pictures, it means so much!

Love ya!



Posted on December 21, 2012



Before I talk about sweet Rob I wanted to remind everyone that I am consistently booking for 2013 (I booked 3 sessions yesterday and 2 inquiries for October and November-YIKES)! If you want to get on my calendar please email me soon because I will only be booking 2 Sunday’s a month in order to spend more time with my family.  I will be offering mini sessions year round and if you would like information on that email me. I am not sure if I will offer a day of mini sessions in the spring because of my busy schedule so go ahead and book your own mini if that type of session works for you.

I also have 12 newborns on the calendar for the next 6 months (baby boom)! If you’re interested in booking a newborn session with me please email me at the beginning of your 2nd trimetster  so I can get you on my monthly calendar.  Newborn sessions are done the first 10-12 days of life and I limit my newborn sessions because I only do them during the week.

Enough housekeeping….

I normally tell people that 3/4 month sessions aren’t my favorite and don’t expect much from the little ones. Its hard to make them laugh, they just kind of lay there,  head control isn’t always great, and  they normally get fussy pretty early on.  But if you’re like me, I think its important to document all ages regardless if they jump through hoops or not.

Rob is a 3 month old I shot as a newborn.  He is so adorable  and has grown so much since I last saw him (one of the BEST parts of my job is seeing the growth and change) and we did  got lots of eye contact and smiles from this sweet boy.  We even got some of him sleeping near the end.

Here are a few of my favorites from his studio session.

Thanks Amber for making your way to Nashville to see me!



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