Posted on October 18, 2012


This family session was done near my grandparents house (one of their dogs even tried to join our session-check out the last picture).  This land is pretty special to me and if I lived a little closer I would shoot here all the time. I also liked the fact that I was able to visit with my Nannie and Deedee before the session.  It was a win-win all the way around.

I shot two families this afternoon, starting with the Crockett family.  This was a very laid back session.  So much so that  the Dad told me afterwards “I wasn’t looking forward to this, but you know it wasn’t bad at all”.  I try really hard to make my sessions as enjoyable as possible so hearing this made me feel good!

Lacey, thanks so much for  trusting me with your pictures.  I know it has been a while since your family had their pictures made and I hope you love the results we got. Your children were so well mannered and easy to photograph.  I know you must be so proud of them!



Posted on October 10, 2012


I am working in over drive taking family pictures for families to use as Christmas cards.  That means blog posts are rare as I don’t want to share too much.  Sharing a senior session doesn’t give away too much in terms of Christmas cards so I thought I would share this session.

Andrew is a senior at Smith County. Most of you know that SC is my Alma Mater.  I love working with kids that go to SC.  Even though I don’t live there any more I still have a strong love for the Owls. I love hearing about all things going on up on the hill and I have several friends that teach there too so the connection is still there.  Its too much fun to have that connection.


Andrew was a great subject!  He took direction very well, was a laid back kid, and easy to talk to. It was a great session! I  love the results from his session.

I edited this session in about an hour-WOO-HOO!  My goal as a photographer is to get it “right” in camera so I don’t have to edit.  My photography style is light on editing.  I want my pictures to be timeless and not trendy and to look AMAZING blown up really big.  Heavy editing was a big mistake I made as an early photographer. While it might look good in the  editing program the prints weren’t that great.  I have some early pictures I took hanging in my house of my boys that kind of makes me cringe HAHA! While I am not really “proud” of those early pictures, I am proud of the direction my pictures have taken.  I have evolved my style on editing as my skill as a photographer has evolved for sure!  There is NOTHING better  for me than nailing exposure straight out of camera-it makes this photographer giddy!

So here is some of my favorites!  Hope you enjoy!




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