Posted on September 30, 2012


Sweet Chelsea is officially my sister in law.  Yesterday was a beautiful day filled with lots of love, laughter, yummy food, dancing,  and even a late night jump into the pool;  it was absolutely perfect and I cant wait to see the pictures.  The wedding photographers are from Georgia so I was in charge of the bridal portraits.  The day we chose for the pictures was very rainy and gloomy but we made it work.  I have been sitting on these for a long time.

I know there are many people dying to see pictures back in Tennessee (we keep getting texts lol) so here is Chelsea in her dress. If you go and follow Red Fly Studio on facebook or look up their website/blog I am sure you will see some pictures of the wedding in the next few weeks (as well as my family’s sunrise family session from this morning).    They are fantastic photographers and I can’t wait to see the pictures!

Chels~ Thanks so much for including me in your big day.  I am glad to call you my sister in law.  You were a beautiful bride.  Love you!

Here are a few of my faves.


Posted on September 24, 2012


Last week I was talking (graveling) to my husband about the amount of emails I get almost daily wanting to book sessions for the fall with me.  Last week I had 15.  I was telling him how I just didn’t have any time left to schedule any more for this year and he said I should probably explain myself more in detail because people probably find that hard to believe and they probably think I am lying (haha).

Here is my booking philosophy if you will and why I will not be booking any more regular sessions for the year (newborns still being accepted).

My weekends tend to book 3-5 months in advance.  I have very loyal customers and they are serious about their pictures (lol).  I shoot 2-4 sessions on a weekend.  I am very picky about my light and only do shoots early morning or  late afternoon.  I also shoot Tuesday/Thursdays and the majority of people want week day afternoons.  I save during the day for my newborn sweeties.  I do not shoot on any other weekday unless at ALL possible!  I have to have time for my family and time to edit these gorgeous images too.   Tuesday and Thursday afternoons are now booked too.  If I wanted to shoot every day I think I could.  Its just been that busy.  I have made the decision to try and keep my shoots to no more than 5-6 a week.  It becomes overwhelming and stressful to me if I shoot more than this.  This is a hard decision because I am a people pleasure and a YES MAM kind of girl but I am working on this!  My time is worth something and so are my family’s–so saying no is becoming part of me.

I am also starting to get lots of emails about booking for the spring.  I have decided not to book normal sessions for spring until November.  I need to get through my busy season (I have 25 sessions in October alone-and that doesn’t include mini sessions)!!! I will more than likely announce when I am ready to book for spring so be looking for that.  I will also only be shooting newborns and 3-6-9-12 month shoots during January.  I like to have my camera serviced once a year and this is a good time for me.

There will be some pricing changes for 2013.  I want to offer more print packing and print incentives.  I have always loved the convenience of cds;  they are so easy and right for me but I absolutely CRINGE at some of the places my images are being printed (PLEASE NO MORE WALGREENS or CVS PEOPLE)!!!!! Cds will still be available but more options to go with it.

So that’s that!  I am sorry if you’ve emailed me and I can’t work you in.  It breaks my heart and I hope we can work together in 2013!

Since I can’t blog without a picture , here is my Deedee who recently took the Honor Flight to Washington with my mom.  He has been very sick and my sister and I spent some time with him yesterday.  He’s working hard to get back to his stubborn self!

Love Wendy


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