Posted on August 13, 2012


Happy Monday!  I had 3 great sessions this week-end and the weather couldn’t have been better!  I LOVE fall temperatures and can’t wait until it cools down for real!

Here is one of my sessions from Saturday.  I love these kids-Case is 4 and Lucy is 3 months old.  We always have a big time when we meet up for pictures.  Case has been coming to see me since I started doing pictures and he is such a big boy now.  Lucy wasn’t all smiles like mommy knew she would be (they always prove us wrong don’t they)  but I did get a few and she is CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!

Check out some of my favorites!


Thanks Selicia, I love your family and of course your cute butt too!


Posted on August 1, 2012


Good Morning~

I sat my alarm for 6:05 to get Maddox up for his first day of school and wouldn’t you know it my internal clock woke me at 5:16, the same time my alarm is set during the school year.  Just for a moment I  thought I had butterflies about the first day of school…then I realized its’ not my day.  It’s Maddox’s day….without me!  When I made the decision to take a break from teaching I never imagined how how it would be.  I am embarrassed to say, that for the 12 years I taught shooing those crying mommas out of my room, I never truly got it.  It’s hard to leave your babies with strangers.  I never really got the gravity of this until now. See for me, I KNEW what amazing places MJE and EPE were so I just couldn’t figure out what the problem was.  Now, I see.  I know Maddox’s new elementary school is top notch, but it’s still hard.  Will he be brave, speak up when he needs something, will his teachers love him for his good qualities and see past the bad, will he make good choices when making friends, or pick the wrong kind? So many questions that to be honest, I controlled last year.  I picked his K teacher, I scheduled play dates with friends I knew were a good influence, I countless times put money on his school lunch account during the day when he was low…I even took him a milk a few times when he forgot (GASP)!!!  These are all things that are plaguing me this morning.

There is also the fact that I miss it.   12 years of first days is a long time people!  I miss the new school year smells, the teacher friends that have meant so much to me, the classroom that is spotless and full of so much possibility, the new students that have so much promise in their face, and even the momma’s crying in the hallway…I miss it all so much. The gravity of not teaching has been creeping up on me.    It is a decision that is right for now, but still  so hard.

So if you’re reading this today, please take the time to pray for Maddox,  all the /teachers/administration/ kids in Wilson County, and even momma’s sitting in the parking lot crying their eyes out.  Its going to be a tough day for more than one of us.


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