Posted on May 31, 2012


When Mary threw out a few ideas to me about ideas for pictures I jumped at the pond her in-laws own .    I will always suggest places for pictures for families but I really want people to decide the look they want and go from there. It’s important for the families to have a say so on the setting of the pictures because they do hang in their home, not mine.


Here are some favorites of Reid and Eli playing in the pond, catching frogs, and the last one is me being in a canoe scared to death.

Mary, I believe these pictures are what you imagined them to be.  I loved the idea and I always love seeing you and your boys.




Posted on May 31, 2012


This age isn’t always easy to photograph and I know momma’s sometimes stress about it.  I think that is always normal to stress about a photo session–we want them to act “right”–as my mom would say.  One reason I got an early childhood degree in college is because I LOVE little kids.  I don’t mind being silly, singing crazy songs, dancing and just being child-like.   I want moms to know that kids being kids doesn’t stress me out–they are who they are and I have a VERY fast camera lol —so don’t worry!!!! This mom told me her little one was a wild woman–but what I found was she was spunky, silly, ADORABLE, and a very normal little girl.

I loved taking her pictures and I hope you can see just how cute and adorable she was.

Melissa, thanks girl—your family is just TOO CUTE and I really enjoyed spending the afternoon with you!



Posted on May 29, 2012



***Remember, I am not a writer—so hang with me!!

“She decided to start living the life she always imagined.  She turned her cant’s into cans and her dreams into plans”.

Those that know me well know how hard I have been working for the past 3 years.  Being a mom, a wife, a kindergarten teacher, and a photographer–I rarely sit down and breathe.   When I started doing pictures I NEVER dreamed it would take me where I am today.  I had an interest in learning something new and getting good pictures of my kids.  Little did I know God had different plans for me and I have decided to pay attention.  My sister told me not long ago–”You are going to have to stop working so much, something has to give”.  I took her advice to heart.  After much thought and prayer I have decided to take a break from teaching in the public school system and focus more on my photography.  I will be working part time at a mothers day out (super pumped about this) and I  will be adding weekly sessions with more free time for editing/answering emails.

So that’s that~WHEW, that feels better!  I would like to thank my guy Josh, my family, and my sweet friends who have encouraged me on this decision.  I love you all so much and I appreciate all your love and support.

So stay tuned-you will be seeing EVEN MORE of me in the future.  If you are thinking about booking a session with me, please do (soon).  My week-ends are booking into November right now.


I can’t leave without a quick picture.  Here is my niece—I love her.
Until Next Time~Wendy



Posted on May 13, 2012


I had the pleasure of photographing a sweet family from Carthage yesterday morning.  I have known Mrs. Beth since I was a little one and she was a teenager.   Now she has four gorgeous, smart, and sweet kiddos of her own and I was so excited when she asked me to do pictures of her family.  Her kids are FUN!!  Not your normal “annoyed” teenagers/young adults.  They are funny, silly, genuine, and easy going.  I feel really comfortable shooting  them an that makes it so much more enjoyable for everyone.

Here are some of my favorites from our morning. Thanks Mrs. Beth for wrangling your bunch up on such a busy day to come and see me.  Your family is beautiful.  You should be so proud of your kids, they are all very special!

On a side note—-Happy mothers day to all the moms in my life, love you all!


Julia and Josh are visiting from their “new home”  in Texas.  Glad we could plan the pictures while they were here!

Congrats to these little love birds on graduating high school last night!!!

Posted on May 11, 2012


This little ball of fire is the son of my sister’s best childhood friend.  I remember many nights them giggling (I am sure I was annoyed by it at the time)….I wasn’t the nicest teenager to poor Linsey.

When Courtney emailed me wanting pictures of her little man,  it just thrilled me!!  I have said it a thousand times-photography gives me the awesome chance to see people I wouldn’t normally see.

Cade is a lot like my boys.  We watched airplanes, listened for trains, played tag, I acted like a dummy–you know just a normal day!

Here are some from his session last Monday.  He is just tooooo cute!


Thanks Courtney—Cade is so adorable.

Posted on May 5, 2012


Kim and Tyler were just on the blog for their expecting session, little did I know just how fast I would get to see them again.  Rome was born last week and everyone was so surprised to see all that hair!  His eyes, lips, and hair are just so cute I wanted to keep him.

For those that don’t know, Tyler is my brothers best childhood friend and Tyler’s mom is my mom’s best friend.  I have known Tyler since he was a baby (he even broke his arm in our basement).  I feel like Kim and I have a lot in common too.  We both have early childhood degrees, like clothes (a lot), and have the same taste in photography.  It was a pleasure working with them. They were laid back  (especially for first time parents) and it went so smoothly.

I have been photographing newborns pretty seriously the last year and I have a philosophy (it might not be a popular one though hahaha).  Newborn boys are easier to photograph than  newborn girls ;) They seem to be more laid back, sleep better, and don’t mind me posing them.  I am not saying 100 percent of the time this is true, but Rome did help my case.  He was EASY!!  He didn’t wake up unless it was to eat, he let us put him in a  toy truck,  his daddy’s hard hat, and wagon.  He was just a chill kind of guy!

Thanks Kim and Tyler for letting me take Rome’s newborn pictures.  I LOVED cuddling with him and if you ever need a babysitter, look me up! He is AAADDOORRRAAABBBLLLEEE!!




Posted on May 4, 2012


Donna,  Corey, and I went to  TTU together way back when (go Golden Eagles).  It seems like its been a lifetime  ago, yet just like yesterday in so many ways. It’s funny how photography has brought people into my life that I normally wouldn’t see.  One more reason I love taking pictures!!

Donna and  I connected through facebook in the spring and we realized we live very close to each other and know several of the same people in Mt. Juliet. Small world!

Donna and Corey’s girls are also very close to my boys ages.  They are spunky/silly girls and I enjoyed hanging with them.  Here are a few of my favorite.

Thanks Donna for letting me do your pictures, it was great seeing your family!  Lets get our kids together soon!


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